My name is Mikael Guy¬†and I am a badminton enthusiast, I have been playing badminton for a good 10 years even pondering into some professional level matches at points. I have learnt so much about badminton and I’m sure there is still more to learn! I have been playing since I was 14 years old and started from my school who gave me a taster session and instantly I evolved a love for the sport.

At the heart of badminton the players depends on great accuracy and skill to obtain victory. But before personal skill. Good equipment is also a key aspect of the game. Modern equipment has allowed people to further increase their skill and clarity within badminton. Everyone has unique requirements within their badminton equipment list. Is it too top-heavy? Am I too powerful for this racket? all questions which I will answers for you!

My personal play style I would say is very light handed with accurate quick dabs to snatch victory from my competitors! I tend to play quite defensive and benefit from small mistakes that people may make! I see playing the offensive can open you up to mistakes and can easily make you lose matches. Better safe than sorry! What’s your own playstyle? Write a comment below!