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Best cheap badminton shuttlecocks 2019 – BadmintonBest
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Best cheap badminton shuttlecocks 2019

People are always looking for cheap badminton shuttlecocks and I don’t blame them! Cheap badminton shuttlecocks are a godsend! It keeps your costs low and your spirits high. But there is is one problem when finding these cheap badminton shuttlecocks. With a lower price you will definitely get a lower quality shuttlecock. But if you are decisive and aware. You wont fall into any traps! Cheap badminton shuttlecocks are advertised absolutely everywhere on the internet but most of them are really low quality. So to save you time, I trawled all the online shops and looked for the best cheap badminton shuttlecocks around! I have made a concise and sweet review for all 5 cheap badminton shuttlecocks that I believe deserve a high spot. They do vary slightly in quantity and what type of shuttlecock they are but I’ve made sure to go into all the details about that!

All badminton shuttlecocks are different and why wouldn’t they be? Some have feathers while some may just be synthetic instead. Some suit different people better and vice versa. I like to play with a mix of both. In my list of cheap badminton shuttlecocks I’ve managed to find both feathered and synthetic cheap badminton shuttlecocks for you. So I can appeal to all crowds! All these cheap badminton shuttlecocks are white as that is my standard colour for shuttlecocks. That will in no way impact your performance!

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Echelon E100 White Shuttlecocks:

Badminton shuttlecocksThe first ones that I tried were some of my old favourites. The Echelon E100 White Shuttlecocks . Echelon are high known for high quality shuttlecocks at a dead cheap price! They do live up to that statement. They’re no Yonex shuttlecocks as those won’t qualify for the status of cheap badminton shuttlecocks. But they are pretty damn close! They are made of a synthetic base for a faster shuttlecock speed compared to feathers with some really strong nylon construction. This contributes to the longevity of the product and will really make it a worthwhile purchase for any badminton player! These cheap badminton shuttlecocks are designed for a medium speed play with allows for easy returns and prolonged rallies to be more frequent. The aesthetics of these are beautiful. Being cheap badminton shuttlecocks. They surely look appealing! These are authentic and are manufactured in England itself! They are perfectly suitable for any entry level badminton enthusiast. Everyone starts from somewhere!

When I was playing with this shuttlecocks it was really easy for me to return the serve. They aren’t too fast compared to what speed I’m used to but it’s a good moderate speed for any aspiring player. These cheap badminton shuttlecocks provided a great performance. They are really strong as well! I accidentally stepped on one by pure incidence and I expected to hear the crunch of nylon. But no! It stayed put and was completely usable! The weight of them is slightly higher than what I use but I’m guessing the weight is what makes the speed medium. So that’s not a downside as it’s all personal preference. Overall I really liked these cheap badminton shuttlecocks. They provide 6 in the nice and strong tube. They will surely last you for a long while. So don’t worry! You can check out the latest price here! Echelon E100 White Shuttlecocks .

SODIAL Feather Shuttlecocks:

badminton shuttlecocksThe next cheap badminton shuttlecocks I tried out truly were the greatest value. The SODIAL White Feather Shuttlecocks. These feather shuttlecocks were great for the dead low price provided. The epitome of the cheap badminton shuttlecocks. unlike the nylon skirting this construction wasn’t nylon but feathered as you can see in the heading of this paragraph. This means they are much lighter(of course.) so can move much quicker and are much more sensitive to the racket touches. This allows the player to serve much quicker and allow for really quick volleys and returns. These cheap badminton shuttlecocks have nice and neatly structured feathers for better aerodynamics and performance. It also prevents loss of feathers. Feathers are used by all skill levels! but at the top end people tend to use extremely light and pricey synthetic shuttlecocks. The only downside of any feathered shuttlecocks including these ones is that feather loss is guaranteed to occur during their lifetime. This can reduce performance and sometimes render them unusable.

When I was playing with theses ones I was pleasantly surprised. They may have been cheap badminton shuttlecocks. But they had performance of something much more expensive! They flew very quick as the weight of these is literally feather like! I could hit some very fast returns resulting in some fast scoring. The only downside of these is that durability isn’t very good. Within a few minutes I could see that the feathers would start to get frayed due to continued use. But they did survive but over a good period of time they will certainly deteriorate to a significant amount. But due to the price of these cheap badminton shuttlecocks. I don’t really think that will be a problem! I would recommend these for any beginner badminton player! They won’t disappoint you if it’s your first time playing with feathers! 6 are provided within the pack you purchase. You can check out the latest price right here! SODIAL White Feather Shuttlecocks .

TOOGOO Badminton Shuttlecocks:

badminton shuttlecocksA lesser known brand that supplies great cheap badminton shuttlecocks is TOOGOO. You’ve probably never heard of them but that’s fine! Popularity doesn’t automatically make it good! I picked up these TOOGOO(R )Plastic Badminton Shuttlecock. They are really promising! They have nice aesthetics are are made from a durable and flexible soft plastic. This will ensure longevity of the product and will overall save you money in the long run. That weigh just about 100 grams which I would say is heavy. Due to this weight you get a medium speed in play. This is ideal for any casual player. I would recommend this cheap badminton shuttlecocks for anyone who’s starting out or just wants a bit of fun! The net structure is strong and isn’t cheap feeling so it won’t get stuck in the net like most cheap badminton shuttlecocks do.

When playing with them the weight was really apparent which wasn’t disappointing but I expected them to be a bit lighter. But that’s probably because I’m used to much faster shuttlecocks. But these cheap badminton shuttlecocks are a whole world cheaper! I could easily hit returns with a good slice motion. It also ensure prolonged rallies which are somewhat good practice for anyone. The shuttlecock has a solid feel against the racket when hit. Overall they are very good value cheap badminton shuttlecocks! I recommend these to anyone starting out as they are dead cheap for a pack of 6! You can check out the latest price here! TOOGOO(R )Plastic Badminton Shuttlecock.

White Goose Feather Shuttlecocks:

badminton shuttlecocks

These ones really excited me as they were some special feathered shuttlecocks. It’s rare that you get natural goose feathered shuttlecocks. But these White Goose Feather Shuttlecocks are the real deal! They have great price per shuttlecocks making them the perfect cheap badminton shuttlecocks for anyone. They have a feathered skirt as stated made of prestige goose feathers. For added aerodynamics and great aesthetics. It has a foam head which increases durability and strength of the cheap badminton shuttlecocks. They are also slightly bigger than your average shuttlecock but not by a huge amount so that’s insignificant. These are great for any daily matches or training you may do for badminton. They  are cheap and worth of the title cheap badminton shuttlecocks.


When playing with them though I found a major flaw. They are really heavy! 162g! That’s a lot of weight for some cheap badminton shuttlecocks! It’s really increased the force I hard to apply to hit it further and it moved very slowly with a lot of momentum. It got caught in the net a lot due to this fact. Prolonged games could ensue in wrist injury due to the force required but just be careful and that won;t happen. Other than that blunder they really are a nice cheap badminton shuttlecocks. I would recommend them for beginners but not for someone that’s thinking of competitive games as they would be bad practice. But the value is unbeatable with a low price for a quantity of 12 cheap badminton shuttlecocks.  You can check out the latest price here! White Goose Feather Shuttlecocks.

TOOGOO White Feather shuttlecocks:

badminton shuttlecocks


The last bunch I tried out was the TOOGOO(R) Feather Shuttlecocks . For money value these were unbeatable. They are high quality and brand new cheap badminton shuttlecocks. They have a strong durable skirting structure which will ensure feathers do not detach during play. The feathers are light as they should be overall only creating a moderate weight for these cheap badminton shuttlecocks. This allows stable flight which is great for practice also it allows for medium speed which is great for any casual player. They are probably the best for training badminton. for this price these cheap badminton shuttlecocks have nice aesthetics and the skirting is very well done. Promising cheap badminton shuttlecocks.

During play they felt just like the 2nd cheap badminton shuttlecocks I tried. Which was still good! They went at a medium speed, good for training and beginners and they were much stronger than other feathered ones I’ve used at this price range! They have a nice stable flight when hit and feel very natural when hit. They make a sound when hit which doesn’t do anything but is surely odd! They are the cheapest out of the 5 but definitely not the cheapest quality. I would recommend these cheap badminton shuttlecocks for people who are beginners or are just in need of something to train with. Check out the latest price here! TOOGOO(R) Feather Shuttlecocks .


Overall I felt the best cheap badminton shuttlecocks were the Echelon E100 White Shuttlecocks. They have the best construction and performance compared to the other ones. They are still cheap but definitely the winner out of all the cheap badminton shuttlecocks I used. But it’s all up to you!


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