Browning Oxylite Ti 90 Badminton Racket Review

It’s a brand new year! Whether you are a resolutioner trying to get into badminton or a veteran. This time of year it always great to improve your equipment or it might even be your first piece of badminton equipment! You most likely want a cheap badminton racket, and frankly. They aren’t expensive to get a quality badminton racket. The main price differences come from the subtle nuances in performance. For a beginner there is no point to fret over these slight differences. Heck, it’s better to trial many rackets until you find a solid one that will give the highest quality for your play style. A general consensus though is that you endeavour to find a light badminton racket, as quick reactions and movements are key no matter your play style.

Browning Oxylite Ti 90 Badminton Racket

Today I will be reviewing the Browning Oxylite Ti 90 Badminton Racket which is from a highly reputable brand of Browning. I’ve had great rackets from them previously but again, I do not discriminate. So for a quick run through, this cheap yet quality badminton racket comes in at a light unstrung weight of 90g which is phenomenal at this price bracket. It comes with a highly durable oxygen injected carbon structure, which provides a great level of resilience during play and increases overall longevity of the racket.

The head shape is unique one from the standard isometric shape, rather it a “box frame” shown by the slightly elongated edges. Which provides more stability over conventional racket shapes. This also provides a nice sweet spot like a standard isometric albeit I haven’t seen any specific benefits of this racket shape.

The balancing feels very balanced which is great for beginners as top heavy rackets can be detrimental to them. I do prefer a handle heavy racket for greater control but again, rackets can be very subjective for every person that tries one!

The grip felt very nice on this racket, it was a breathable type which prevents sweat building up and causing your grip to loosen up. It wasn’t stated which grip size it is but it felt pretty average on the hand size scale, so again, great for beginners.

It has a flex system shaft which means the racket has a level of flex in aggressive movements, this allows for powerful smash hits and I prefer flex. Some do prefer stiff for greater defence and accuracy but I play a more aggressive style so a flexible badminton racket is my own preference.

During play, this badminton racket was impeccable. It provides a very stable and powerful badminton racket whilst maintaining speed and fluidity in play. My defence and offence were not clashing, and I could easily defend fast dabbing rallies. The head shape did shine in one areas where I previously mentioned I couldn’t foresee a benefit, It provides just a slightly larger area which can save you a few times when a regular badminton racket would not reach. Overall this is a great all-round that I recommend. You can check the latest price here!

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Balancing
  • Flex
  • Performance


A great all-rounder

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