Browning Plasma Nano Ti 75 Badminton Racket Review

Nothing beats a good round of badminton on a hot summer day but it’s not worth it without a light and speedy badminton racket. I’m not telling anyone to go out and purchase the most exuberant and lucrative badminton rackets that leave you homeless, no of course not but when you invest some money you’ll definitely feel the difference quite literally in your own hands. Which badminton racket to choose can be a hard choice but I’ve done many reviews over the months to help you decide! Badminton shouldn’t feel like a chore neither should purchasing some decent equipment.

badminton racket

The racket in all it’s glory!


So I was pondering on the web again and the word plasma was related to badminton, quite perplexing! I picked up this Browning Plasma Nano Ti 75 Badminton Racket and I don’t regret it one bit, I mean just look at it! It looks like quite the piece of art and coming in with a frame weight of a mere 75g, this racket is definitely on the lighter side of the badminton rackets and that’s always a good thing when it’s coming to choosing a good badminton racket. I guess the selling point of this racket would be it’s immense durability, the word plasma is in the name because of the plasma treated Nano-Carbon and Titanium construct which provides you with a tough and enduring badminton racket. This is especially important as the racket is much lighter than most so you need to balance the reduced weight with improved durability otherwise you’ll be mortified when you racket snaps in two in the middle of a fierce rally! I wouldn’t expect this light badminton racket to ever snap though as it has a nice amount of flex and the sweet rubberised paint on the shaft makes the racket even stronger, yet maintaining the flex of the racket so it doesn’t dampen your style.

When I actually went and played a round or two with the racket I was instantly impressed by the weight of the the racket as badminton footwork is important and this racket did not imbalance me when I was moving. The power within the badminton racket is great, which is expected with these high quality strings and rock solid frames made for this sole purpose. The grip was nice for my hand. ( That may not apply to you!) So the performance of the racket was infallible on my terms for this quality badminton racket. I’d definitely recommend this racket to any calibre of badminton players and can get your own the link provided. Browning Plasma Nano Ti 75 Badminton Racket .



  • Aesthetics
  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Balancing
  • Durability



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