Carlton Nanoblade Pro Badminton Racket Review

It’s a beautiful day outside isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be good to playing badminton with the best badminton racket possible? Highest price does not always equal the best badminton racket, I learnt that lesson the hard £200 short way! It shouldn’t be hassle to find a balanced badminton racket for your needs and that’s partly why this website exists, for you and no one else(I’m not kidding!) to find a perfect badminton racket. Hopefully the summer stays bright this time and you can purchase your game changing racket this time round! Don’t ever be put off by some specific badminton racket brand. Trust me.

Best Badminton Racket

The latest beauty I picked up from the trusted Carlton brand was the Carlton Nanoblade Pro Badminton Racket. Carlton never ceases to please the crowd every time with their top quality rackets for a wallet-happy price. Provided in this nice and sturdy carry bag, it has some beautiful aesthetics which sadly aren’t shown in this picture due to the label covering the strings. The frame weight comes in at a good 95g, not the lightest but it’s definitely not a heavy badminton racket! If you’re wondering how to choose a badminton racket, you shouldn’t just look at one aspect of the racket. Look at every nitty gritty detail there is! This awesome badminton racket has equal balancing which may adhere to  your playstyle and it’s also a more flexible badminton racket compared to others. When it comes to durability, nothing can really top a graphite structure as it just provides a light yet rock solid durability and longevity in the badminton racket. The frame is shaped isometrically which is pretty standard(yet a great standard!) with most rackets which increases the sweet spot for a powerful attack!  This combined with the balanced racket makes it very easily controlled by whoever has the badminton racket in hand. This allows for some great power to executed with ease! The grip is well suited for all hand sizes, it was very comfortable for my hand and made it easy to play for longer periods of time!

During actually play I really enjoyed this racket thoroughly as it hold great power and stability within. I could easy return a shuttlecock and execute footwork simultaneously which created some beautiful theatrics during play! The isometric head shape really supported my play, making it easily to consistently return with power and ease. The weight was slightly higher than what I am used to but that’s no reason to belittle this awesome badminton racket! The flex in the racket was harmonious with my swings and dabs which made it easily for me to triumph over the opponent who also played very well! Overall, I’d highly recommend this racket for beginner or intermediate players who really want an edge over their opponents! You can check the current price on this link provided! Carlton Nanoblade Pro Badminton Racket.

  • Weight
  • Aesthetics
  • Grip
  • Balancing
  • Strength


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