E300 Yellow Cork Based Shuttlecocks Review

Testing shuttlecocks is actually really fun. You really try to see if it’s acceptable under all conditions. There are so many different varieties of shuttlecocks so sometimes it can be boring to be static and only stick to one type of shuttlecock. Most people have heard of plastic but their is also feather! They can be more expensive but some people prefer how the work and the dynamics of them compared to a plastic skirted shuttlecock. You should experiment and see which shuttlecock represent you as a person! Sounds stupid but the concept is solid. I thought you only would ever use one brand or type of shuttlecock. But I was wrong.
badminton shuttlecocksEchelon really make some top quality badminton shuttlecocks. That’s a true fact. So I decided to test another one of their numerous products. I picked up a pack of these E300 Yellow Cork Based Shuttlecocks . They are pretty similar to the E100 but have some differences of course that I will state. The aesthetics are outstanding as usual with a nice yellow skirt, blue band and a white dome as the standard for these. They come in a nice solid container for further durability. They have a cork base which I really like. It may just be personal but cork bases are my favourite to play with. The construction is solid nylon with precision of 0.01mm to ensure a perfectly created skirt. The durability is immense for this shuttlecock. You’d really have to jump on it with both feet to break it! These will surely last you a long time. The only reason you’d stop using these is if you got bored of them! The cage construction is extremely stiff which gives it feather like performance which some people will appreciate! I surely do. The shuttlecock is designed for medium speed players which is basically anyone who likes casual playing or people who are going into a semi-professional scene.

When I was playing with these they felt amazing. I love the sound of hitting cork on the the badminton racket! It’s very satisfying! The speed was quite easy to return with as it’s not too fast as stated above being a medium speed. It’s easy to see due to the colour but one drawback it has is that if you’re playing out side. It can reflect sunlight and become extremely hard to see and even hurt your eyes slightly! So be careful! Other than that it really can be beat for performance as a plastic skirted shuttlecock. I highly recommend you try these out! You can check the price here! E300 Yellow Cork Based Shuttlecocks .


  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Skirting
  • Speed
  • Weight



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