Echelon E100 Yellow Shuttlecocks Review

A prerequisite of any badminton match has to be the shuttlecocks themselves. Every shuttlecock is unique. They may looks similar but sometimes the performances can be strikingly different. There is a high end and a low end for shuttlecocks, just like there is for rackets. Typically shuttlecocks are relatively inexpensive and they should be!

I picked up myself a set of Echelon E100 Yellow Shuttlecocks lately and they have been great so far. They consist of  a synthetic base which are pretty good within my scope. They also have strong and durable nylon constructions for longevity. The nylon construction is a yellow colour corresponding to the word yellow in the title. The shuttlecock is designed to move at a medium speed, a great speed for any player. They provide easy control for anyone using them. The pack includes 6 shuttlecocks which should last a good while when being using correctly.

I really liked using these shuttlecocks. They have a nice feel against the racket when being hit and aren’t too heavy so you can really be accurate when hitting the shuttlecock. Like I’ve mentioned it is a medium speed shuttlecock so returns are fairly easy to execute and it allows for long rallies when playing. Indoors they are also bright yellow so it does slightly help with hand eye coordination in spotting the shuttlecock. A small but handy feature. The nylon structure is very strong and definitely last you a long time. I’ve only ever broke one and that was purely accidental!

If there would be any criticism for this product I would probably say that outdoors it can be hard to spot it sometimes as the yellow can reflect sunlight. Turning the shuttlecock into a beam of light heading towards you! It is slightly heavier than I’m used to but still nonetheless it is a great shuttlecock to play with.  The price tag is normally under £5. You can check out the latest price here. Echelon E100 Yellow Shuttlecocks .

  • Aesthetics
  • Price
  • Strength
  • Weight
  • Speed


Great Value

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