Hi-Tec Viper Court Badminton Shoes Review

Shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Every single one is different and will perform differently. You’re not going to have time to test every single one! That would be expensive and monotonous. But there will be one that suits you perfectly. I’m still to find the perfect badminton shoe as there is too much variety in the performance of them. Some people look for aesthetics which isn’t required but it is nice to have a nice looking shoe. I guess it gives you a confidence boost! Durability is also important. No one wants glass shoes. So I take my time to find you a perfect pair of shoes for peak badminton performance!

badminton shoesI recently picked up a pair of these Hi-Tec Viper Court Shoes┬áto test out. They are a real nice neat little package! The aesthetics are appealing coming in two different colour schemes for you to pick from. It has abrazone toecap protection to prevent foot damage just encase you go for some insane lunge! The outer material is a breathable mesh to provide comfort and durability. While the inner material is textile for a nice feel against your feet. It also has an incredibly tough CMEVA mid sole which greatly increases the strength of the shoe and makes sure that it won’t wear out quickly. The sole consists of a rubber material which provides grip on the floor and suspension to protect your heel from damage. It also increases the durability even further! There is a large variety of sizes from UK 6 all the way to UK 13. So I’m adamant that your size will be here! The closure is the standard lace up that every knows and loves! It’s rare to see badminton shoes that aren’t lace up as they normally aren’t tight enough for proficient performance.

When I tested these out they were really great! They are really light so you don’t feel like an anchor has been attached onto you! They have good suspension on your heel when jumping or lunging for a stray shuttlecock! I didn’t really utilise the toecap protector as I don’t really have footwork that involves my toes being plunged into the ground! The material is flexible and doesn’t wrinkle easily so it makes jumping easy and effortless. The mesh outer also allows for aeration of the feet. This sounds complicated but it provides ventilation and prevents athletes foot from developing over prolonged games. They aren’t some crazy yonex badminton shoes but they surely perform like some! I would highly recommend these shoes for any aspiring badminton player. They have great all round performance. You can check out the latest price here! Hi-Tec Viper Court Shoes .

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Suspension
  • Grip


Great Value

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