Oypla Large Badminton Net Review

There are many things with define a good net. Yes of course it has to stand up and be a net like it should. But it should be flexible and I don’t mean bending it. It should be able to be adjustable to the users preference as the people playing may be slightly shorter than an average player. They shouldn’t be too much hassle for the average Joe to set up as people don’t want to be constructing a net. They want to play badminton! Width is always important. The wider the better would be key point to talk about but some people may have limited room in the instance that they’re playing in an enclosed garden so all factors must be incorporated.
Badminton netI recently pick up this great badminton net. The Oypla Large Adjustable Badminton Net. It does exactly what the title of the product says it does! It all comes in a really neat and handy carry bag for easy transport and durability. The net can reach all the way up to 155cm perfect for badminton or as low as 107cm for people playing other sports such as tennis. Some people play many sports so this would be an ideal purchase for them. It’s 5 metres wide which allows for doubles and singles matches which is always a great option. But of course don’t buy the net if it’s not going to fit! The netting is very strong and I’m adamant that it won’t fray or tear even under great stress although the spacing is quite wide. This may cause the shuttlecocks to get stuck in the netting. I guess it saves you from bending over! The construction is like making toast…easy. It’s just like playing with Lego. You just clip in the match parts and stand it up. Done!

While playing using this net I really liked the width of it. Allowed a lot of movement and footwork during the game. I never felt restricted while using this net also the height is perfect for me! But I’m not the tallest bloke around! Sadly the shuttlecocks do get stuck sometimes into the netting but that’s not a reason to hate the net. For the great price given it’s a minor drawback. I played a singles game but you can easily play a doubles without trouble using this net. the durability seems to be very high. The net is made of a high quality material and the construction is solid. I would highly recommend this net if you have the space and need for it! You can check out the latest price here! Oypla Large Adjustable Badminton Net .

  • Width
  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Aesthetics
  • Height


Versatile and cheap

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