Senston n80 Graphite Badminton Racket Review

Another cold winter day, again. Perfect for playing badminton, as you know. In colder weather, badminton rackets do become more fragile due to the temperature difference. Again, with a high quality racket, this should not be an issue. A lot of people ignore the type of materials because that is a science in it’s own respect. People just want something that’s light and works. But as odd as it sounds, a racket that flexes more is generally stronger than a rigid badminton racket which is at a risk of fracture. But to be realistic, if you care that much about these issues you should be probably getting a racket at a much higher price point than the ones I review for the general public.

Senston Badminton Racket

 Today I looked at an unorthodox brand, that most have probably not heard of. But luckily for you I can authenticate the quality instead of you wasting your money! This is the Senston N80 Graphite Badminton Racket. This quality badminton racket comes in a multitude of colourways to suit your style and dons a high-modulus graphite construction which provides insane durability. The biggest wow factor was the ultra-lightweight construction, coining in at just 80 grams when unstrung. For increased durability there is simply a T-joint to make one homogeneous unit with a long life span.

The head shape is isometric for a large sweetspot whilst attacking and is overall best for most levels of play. I would greatly recommend beginners to start with such a shape. The balancing was slightly head heavy which isn’t a huge issue for most people but personally I prefer a handle heavy racket for greater control with my wrist. This nuance develops personally over time. Any good badminton racket is sufficient for a beginner.

One detail I wasn’t the biggest fan of just again due to personal preferences was the wooden handle which is wrapped in grip tape. I would like that to be made of graphite to provide a homogeneous feel to the badminton racket. The racket when strung felt nice and strong for the first few games but it did start to become slightly loose with over 10 games, this is below average when it comes to string durability but again, this could be an error on my behalf.

Now whilst actually playing, this racket performed very well. the badminton racket feels aerodynamic and light. It flowed well when defending and attacking. The large sweet spot allowed for some very nice smashed when the opponent was caught out. I would call this all-rounder badminton racket very suitable for beginners, especially at it’s given price point which even includes a carry case. Again the main downside I felt with this cheap badminton racket was the string tension was not great after a few games which I hope is only due to my stringing and not the racket. If you want to see the latest price for this racket click Here!

  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Weight
  • String Tension
  • Grip


Quality for it’s price

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