Vicfun mini badminton net review

Unless you have a great imaginations. You’re definitely going to need to buy a net to play badminton. If you only going to play singles it’s sometimes advisable to invest in a mini net rather than a full sized net. It’ll save you money and some time as well as mini nets tend to be less fiddly to set up. There is no specific good company for nets as long as the build quality is good enough not to rip when a fast shuttlecock flies towards it.


Recently I decided to try out the Vicfun Mini Badminton Net. These net comes in a blue colour and comes in a very neat bag for easy storage and travel. It’s 3 metres wide, perfect for singles matches. This bet is not compatible for doubles matches as there is literally no space for effective footwork. The construction was very easy. No hassle there at all just a simple act of read the manual and build it. It also has a variable height so encase you play tennis or volleyball maybe this is a really good cost-effective purchase.

When I was playing using this net it served it’s purpose perfectly.  It stood tall and firm just as it should and the shuttlecock wouldn’t tangle up like with cheaper nets with no tension within the netting. So that was a great point about this net. The net construction is also of a high quality and surely will resist any fraying or tearing for a long while. I couldn’t really thing of anything negative with this next except some people may see this as a very small net. Even professionals would use a much larger net for playing but this is great for anyone starting out. It’s even better for the beach or somewhere outdoors.

You can check the latest price at Vicfun Mini Badminton Net .

  • Length
  • Strength
  • Ease of Construction
  • Height
  • Aesthetics


An awesome mini net

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