Victor Atomos 700 Badminton Racket Review

It’s just starting to creep towards the end of winter, towards a beautiful spring. This is honestly the perfect time to hone your badminton skills or even start out! As with everything, there is a foundation and in badminton that foundation is your quality badminton racket. You could have a natural knack for the game but you may be being hindered by poor equipment! But what makes a quality badminton racket? In all honestly, it’s very subjective. It probably took me about 12 different rackets (with 4 of them breaking!) to find the soul fit for me in a badminton racket. So don’t be discouraged if the first few don’t “feel” right.

Today I will be reviewing the Victor Atomos 700 Badminton Racket
which is hailing from one of my favourite manufactures of quality badminton rackets, Victor. They’re probably some of the most cost-effective badminton rackets that I have used.

So let’s go into a quick rundown, this racket comes in at a light 90g in weight, which allows for greater speeds during play and better aerodynamics during movement. It’s constructed using the standard high modulus graphite which allows for intense durability whilst in a fast-paced match. This badminton racket is also consisting of a flexible frame which reduces the risk of brittle fracture and permanent deformation upon impacts. So overall it’s an very durable and strong badminton racket to use.

The frame length is 67.5cm which is a medium length, so buy accordingly to your arm reach and what you are most comfortable with. personally I prefer longer rackets to allow less footwork and more wristwork! This racket is also head heavy which should be considered as it can slightly alter how you play, this reduces the control by the wrist but can significantly increase the power produced at the head of the racket.

Regarding the racket head itself, it comes strung with durable Lawntex string to provide a tensile surface with a powerful smash. The shape is isometric which allows for a greater sweetspot for power shots. This combined with the head heaviness, leaves a very potent racket it terms of striking power which again, should be considered in your style of play. There is also supposedly vibration reduction technology which is beneficial due to the flexible and head heavy nature of the racket.

The grip is the standard PU grip which was very comfortable and didn’t slip when introduced to sweat which is optimal for long matches and long days. The joints between the frame and the handle were also very sturdy. Some have flimsy joints leading to breakages very quickly but this badminton racket was solid in that respect.

During play this quality badminton racket really gave me an edge. Even though I prefer a handle heavy racket, I could really appreciate the power behind this racket. Even in defensive rallies, my opponents had issues in successfully retaliating due to the speed of the shuttlecock. This strong badminton racket probably gave me some of the best smash attacks I’ve ever done in my whole career! The weight feels right for the kind of power and it has opened up a new corridor of play style for myself so it’s a very strong and invigorating badminton racket to play with!

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  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Balancing
  • Performance


A powerful badminton racket

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