Victor G 7500 Badminton Racket Review

It’s coming close to December and one of the magics of badminton is that it’s played wholly inside! If you’re looking to take up a new indoor sport or are already an invested player, you’ll still require a quality badminton racket. My site is catered towards amateur players to find the cheapest badminton racket which can pack a punch. So I try not to delve into insane depth when describing badminton rackets. It is in the end, all dependant on the performance of an individual but again, you wouldn’t put a great engine in a car with shoddy tires. So this is no different. But you really don’t need to look for top badminton brands but there’s no need to go for the cheapest bare bones rackets available.  This may not be your racket for even a year! As the first badminton racket really starts to shape your play style and you start to become more nit-picky when choosing!

This evening I am reviewing the Victor G 7500 Badminton Racket. Which is an affordable racket for all levels of play. Victor is a brand that I’ve had great consistency with for great quality badminton rackets. But I’ll let you be the decider on that statement! It’s formed of a Hi-Modulus graphite material which provides great durability without compromising lightweight for great performance. The head shape is very versatile being isometric, if you’re unsure what this means, it’s simply an optimised size to provide a great sweet spot. Again, a sweet spot is an area on the badminton racket which provides the greatest force.

Grip size isn’t a massive implication in performance, but over a prolonged period it can effect the comfort of the badminton racket when held. It is a G4 but when reviewing this, it’s futile to provide an opinion as it’s simply too subjective per person! Now on to an objective point which was a great selling point for this racket to me. The racket weighs a mere 85 grams which is an exceptionally light racket which is highly preferable for most people. For such a price, this is hardly beaten by other competitors and will really give you an edge with your movement and reactions to attacks by the opponent.

The length of the racket to me was slightly shorter than I prefer but again this can just be due to mobility issues and flexibility, A good player can honestly adapt to any length as long as it’s not a tennis racket! The strings were of high quality, providing powerful smashes and a nice uniform tension throughout the racket. During play this cheap badminton racket really shone, it does not flex too much which suits my aggressive play style as too much flex can cause some hits to go astray. For me the racket was very light in hand when strung, the grip did seem slightly small for my hand but again this won’t be a problem for all as my hands are rather long! Overall I really cannot pass up this high quality badminton racket by Victor. Please, check out the latest price here!

  • Weight
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Balancing
  • Grip


Unbeatable in value and performance.

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