Victor Premium Mini Badminton Net Review

Not all people play doubles badminton matches and that’s perfectly fine! Some people are just better solo as duo can cause issues. I also prefer to play solo as I have this bad tendency to rely too much on the person I’m playing with. Plus for me solo really brings out your true skill as it’s only you.No one else to change the game. For a good game you have to start at the foundations! You can’t have a house without foundations so you can’t have a badminton game without the badminton net. Simple deduction. You should buy a net to your requirements. Some people say the bigger the better but they also take up more room and will obviously cost more due to more material cost. So do your research!

Badminton Net

Victor may be a lesser known brand but they have some amazingly high quality product. I’m talking about Yonex level here! I tried out this cutting edge Victor Premium Mini Net. Immediately I really appreciated the aesthetics as even though it’s just a net it looks amazing. Really nice to play with. This is 3 metres wide so it’s called mini as it’s only suitable for single games as for doubles there will be no spaces at all. Unless you’re a child! The height can go up to 155cm which is the badminton standard but can also go to 105cm if you also like to play tennis sometimes! This net is amazing for any net sport so if you play other sports it’s a really good purchase! The netting quality and size is amazing. It’s extremely strong and durable and has a lot of tension unlike many cheap nets. The frame is very strong and self standing so it doesn’t require any extra support from weights etc. It’s suitable for all areas of use. So you can play indoors in a sports hall or very large room! Or you can place it in the garden or go for a nice volleyball game at the beach! Provided is a robust carry case for increased longevity of the whole kit and it just makes it easier to carry around and assemble.

When I was playing with it I was certainly impressed. It stood very tall and strong just like it should. It didn’t sway much when I took it outside in the garden even in the light wind. One thing I loved about it is that badminton shuttlecocks don’t get stuck in it like they always do. Due to the netting structure and strength they just bounce off! Which makes it much easier to start playing again. The netting also very tough so it will last you a very long time indeed. Set up time is low which is great it’s like playing with lego’s! Just take out the case and click everything together and you’re ready to go! I’d highly recommed this net. It may have a higher price tag than a regular net but it has minimal drawbacks and is a great investment! You can check out the latest price here! Victor Premium Mini Net.

  • Aesthetics
  • Strength
  • Height and Width
  • Ease of use
  • Stability


Diamond Quality

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