Victor Ultramate 8 Badminton Racket Review

On the verge of Spring comes February! If you’re a newcomer that may have strung along from the typical new years cohort or a seasoned professional. The Spring season is the perfect time to practice! Not too cold or not too hot and nice calm weather. A perfect badminton experience! But for every experience, there must be something that makes it great. For me, it would be a great badminton racket. Not the most expensive but the highest quality badminton racket (surprisingly not the most expensive!). Some people say it’s the weight, length or head shape that makes a racket great. But it’s so subjective! So I recommend always trying a variety before investing on a top quality badminton racket.

Today I will be reviewing the Victor Ultra Mate 8 Badminton Racket which is another great addition by the trusty Victor manufacturer. I can personally vouch for Victor rackets (they’re not paying me!) as they have consistent high quality badminton rackets. But on to the real details, this badminton racket uses the industry standard high modulus graphite material for the frame and head to create an intensely strong racket. This racket has stiff flexibility which is pretty standard, even thought I prefer a slight level of flex. This does not discredit the high quality build of the racket.

The frame is 67.5 cm in length making it a somewhat medium length racket which is standard for stiff frames as longer frames are more prone to breaking if they have excessive flexure. This feather light badminton racket clocks in at a staggering 86 grams when unstrung, this is a phenomenal weight which provides impressive aerodynamics and allows quick movements and reactions.

The racket balancing is even which is a great overall balancing for most players, it provides the most control whilst having the least drawbacks. I prefer a handle heavy for great control by the wrist but still, this is still a great performing badminton racket. Regarding balancing, the head shape is isometric which provides a balanced aerodynamic performance whilst allowing a great sweet spot size for strong smash attacks.

The racket comes pre-strung with Ashaway Zymax 70 strings which are very durable and are strung up to a max tension of 12kg encase you are thinking of using your own custom strings. While this doesn’t matter I find the aesthetics quite pleasing as well, of course, aesthetics give no tactical advantage whatsoever.

During play this racket performed very well, I could move effortlessly with this badminton racket. The lightweight really does an outstanding job, the length is just right for accurate hits whilst maintaining power and durability. The string tension was very well held even after multiple matches and long extended rallies. For the price point it is an outstanding and very cost-effective racket and I would highly recommend to any player starting out or even an intermediate player. You can see the latest price Here!

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Performance
  • Grip
  • Flexibility



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