Victor V-3700 Review

There is a multitude of badminton racket brands. If you’re not a professional player you really shouldn’t worry about the brand too much. Most pro players are just getting sponsor money anyway! But what really counts towards your overall performance is the actual attributes of the racket. As you get better, you get pickier on what specifics you want. You may think “What’s he talking about?” but trust me. I said too when I started. I spent hours looking for my racket. I hope you don’t have to share my pain! The main factor is weight and it will always will be weight. Weight changes your speed. Your reactions could be snake fast but if the cheap badminton racket is too heavy, what’s the point?
badminton racketMy latest addition to my racket club would be the Victor V-3700. Victor are a highly proclaimed company in the racket industry. They make some really high quality badminton rackets for an amazing and affordable price! This racket includes as you can see an isometric shape so reaching the sweet spot is easier for greater performance. It’s evenly balanced in weight so it makes your hand movements dictate your racket movements moderately. It’s great for any aspiring badminton player. Heck even a professional player uses a balanced racket! It’s all on personal preference! The shaft has medium flex. I prefer stiff badminton rackets but as I said before this is pretty much personal and won’t affect your performance as much as other factors. The racket is strung with durable multi-filament string to allow great durability and strength during play. This in conjunction with the high modulus graphite shaft increases the longevity of the racket making it a very good purchase. The racket grip size is G3 which is wholly preferred by most badminton players including me. This will probably give you the best performance but can differ dependant on hand size etc. . The aesthetics are amazing in my opinion. I could just stare at this racket all day! I love the design on the actual strings that are provided and the black and blue colour compliment each other perfectly. On the the mean business. The weight! The weight comes in at a very nice and light 89 grams! This is an awesome weight for any racket at this price range. This is due the graphite material which is known for it’s light nature.

When playing with this racket  I wasn’t disappointed or anything. It slices quickly and plays dabs in under half a seconds. It’s supple and light badminton racket. I really felt in control while using this racket and easily executed returns and won prolonged rallies. My footwork wasn’t slowed down by the weight which shows how good low weight is and how much it helps. I really recommend this affordable badminton racket for any aspiring badminton player. With it’s generally low price tag and amazing bang for your buck!  You’d be a fool not to buy this racket! You can check out the latest price of this badminton racket here! Victor V-3700 .


  • Aesthetics
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Balancing
  • Grip


Best bang for your buck

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