Victor V-4400 Magan Badminton Racket Review

Victor is a brand I wholly trust, I have previously done a review on the V-3700 Magan which was a quality badminton racket at a great price point too! I’m not normally one to tend to brands, but I will vouch for Victor! At their given prices, these badminton rackets I would recommend to beginners and advanced alike. I do a whole range of reviews from cheap to more valuable badminton rackets, sometimes spending more money will only provide a subtle nuance to the performance, although, this can change the tides of a game for an advanced player.

Victor Badminton Racket

In this Badminton racket review, I will be reviewing the recent Victor Magan V-4400 Badminton Racket. This in some way supersedes the Victor Magan V-3700 Badminton racket however at a higher price point, be sure to check the review for the V-3700 as well! Coming with a high standard graphite material. It withstands the test of time and is not like a regular cheap badminton racket. This racket does resonate to my liking. With a medium flex which was subtle when used by me also being head heavy which again is of my preference. This allows for some very powerful smash hits although can cause loss of control via the wrist.

Coming in a wonderful blue colour, the aesthetics do not disappoint. Regarding the weight, it is a very light 86.2 grams unstrung which seems to be the modern average for quality badminton rackets. This allows for effortless movement and footwork. Just to touch up on the head of the badminton racket, it has an isometric shape which provides the most optimal sweetspot for smashes. For those of you who are more advanced, the max string tension clocks in at 11kg which was plenty when I played. It is strung with top quality Ashaway Zymax 66 Fire power Badminton String which provided impeccable performance.

The produce also states a Wave Magan technology but I’ll be honest with you. I do not have a clue what this actually did! But regardless the quality and performance speak for themselves in this racket. The grip for any picky fanatics is G3 which is pretty standard and did the service for myself.

Now regarding my actual experience on the court, it was a very powerful and light badminton racket. The head heaviness played a big role which allowed for powerful offence. However, defence was slightly weaker as the heady heavy nature can reduce accuracy. This wasn’t a major issue, it was mainly when deflecting smashes as there was a slight tendency for the shuttlecock to go out of bounds. This shouldn’t sway you from leaving this quality badminton racket though. The tension felt very good even over many hours of playing which was impressive. Overall I had a very positive experience with this valuable badminton racket, I would recommend to advanced players who prefer a head heavy racket, again I don’t want to dissuade any beginners but be sure to look at my other reviews before a final decision! You can find the latest price Here!

  • Durability
  • flex
  • Balancing
  • Weight
  • Grip


A Valuable Badminton Racket

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