Wilson Blaze S 3500 Badminton Racket Review

It’s almost 2019! So prepare for an influx of new players, or even you, yourself might be looking to get into badminton. Whether you are new or an aged player, a quality badminton racket is a must. Al thought, all the small nuances may not be as important to a beginner compared to a seasoned vet. It’s still important to eventually develop a play style and a feel for your racket type. Most people generally care about weight the most, but it’s important to consider other areas such as flex, balancing, head shape and a few other points! Don’t let this overwhelm you, it’s honestly not as hard as it seems to find a quality yet cheap badminton racket.

Wilson Badminton Racket blaze S 3500

Today I will be reviewing the Wilson Blaze S3500 Badminton Racket which stands at a very generous price point for it’s features. It’s comes with a flexible construction, which generally I do not play with but that is purely subjective. Along with this flex it is constructed of BLX High Modulus graphite which allows superb durability for this quality badminton racket.

The frame weighs in at 84 grams which is a very good for this price and will help you improve your performance, if you have to spend extra money. I’d always look for a light badminton racket! The balancing is a real favourite of mine, it’s handle heavy which allows for more control via wrist movement which I prefer. I feel it greatly improves my accuracy because I have a strong grip on the racket; Talking about grip, it comes with a “featherthin” technology which is a very slim and delicate grip. As fragile as it sounds, it’s very tough and allows for a nice firm grip on this quality badminton racket.

The Head shape is the generic isometric which honestly is perfect for anyone looking for a quality badminton racket. It provides the biggest sweet spot to provide strong smash hits, It also provides nice aerodynamics. In terms of aesthetics it comes in a nice light blue colourway with the iconic Wilson W on the strings. this racket is actually provided strung with Wilson Reaction 70 strings, I found these strings to have great tension and provide very powerful hits during play.

When I was playing with this racket, it’s instantly came into my top 5 rackets I played with. I really admire the grip system, which allows the quality badminton racket to almost become one with the player. My accuracy was great in play and the increased flex did not dampen my performance surprisingly. The light weight badminton racket allowed for light movements and quick footwork in all instances. Whilst the length and head provided me with a powerful racket for both offensive and defensive play.

This great badminton racket really sets it self in my top 5 rackets maybe even top 3, especially at this generous price point. I would highly recommend this racket to any badminton player regardless of skill level. You can find the latest price here!

  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Grip
  • Balancing


Amazing, A must buy!

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