Wilson Recon Badminton Racket review

Badminton is a very stable sport, never really dips or jumps in popularity. It is a worldwide sport, highly reputable in China! Everywhere you go, you see new badminton rackets and new styles of play. It truly is quite fascinating for such a game with stone set rules and regulations. But there are some things that do change game to game. It’s your equipment! Sounds cheesy but it’s true, as you develop so should your equipment. I’m not one to harp on about shoes and shorts (they are important!). I prefer a deeper dive into a quality badminton racket and what makes a racket worth it’s weight in gold albeit a racket shouldn’t weight much!

Today I will be reviewing the Wilson Recon Badminton Racket which is made by the tried and tested Wilson brand. Whilst they may not be as known as the big Yonex and Victor, they are still very reputable and provide great prices and bundles! This racket to begin with comes with a nice bonus of 3 Carlton shuttlecocks (which will not be reviewed) so it’s nice to have a bit extra bang for your buck!

Starting with the basics the frame is made using the industry standard of high modulus carbon fibre framing. This provides an immensely durable racket whilst resisting brittle fracture with a good level of flexural strength. This racket is of medium stiffness with allows slight flexion during play which I believe to be the optimal flex for all players. It is a personal take, so do not take my word as gospel!

The balancing is even throughout the racket which a great all-rounder, I prefer handle heavy for greater wrist control but again, this is subjective. The Racket drops in the 4U weight category which is between 80-85g unstrung, this is a great and lightweight badminton racket. This weight combined with the isometric head shape, which provides great aerodynamics and a large sweet spot excels as a quality badminton racket.

The maximum string tension encase you want to string yourself (although it comes prestrung) is 30lb of tension per string which is quite substantial! The grip is the standard Wilson PU leather grip which felt quite nice and grippy, it didn’t hold much moisture so I never lost control after a prolonged match or if it’s just a hot day!

An extra description which I believe does deserve credit is the use of soft grommet technology to provide extra longevity in the racket which I really did feel the extra strength and durability within this badminton racket. Stroke after stroke, this racket held well and the frame never suffered from any twisting and turning!

During play this racket really did perform well, it was light and powerful as all rackets should be. I didn’t feel sluggish in defence or offence and the large sweet spot allowed for some powerful smash attacks. I would say one thing is that the grip while it was strong, it did not mould well around my hand so after a long match did feel a bit uncomfortable. But this could just be a personal issue! I hope not…

Overall this racket is great and I recommend to any level of play, you can see the latest price here!

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • grip
  • Power



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