Wilson Strike Badminton Racket Review

It’s almost that time of year again, Christmas seems to come around quicker each year. But that does not mean the badminton matches can stop! Taking a week of for Christmas can seem daunting, because you’re pretty much eating yourself into a coma for the entire week. You could invest that time into looking for an upgrade, or even, your first badminton racket to start your newfound hobby! My reviews aren’t normally catered towards a specific person unless I state as such, but today I will provide explanations to all the nuances for beginners but obviously. Experienced players can still learn more everyday (and that’s how it should be!).

Wilson Badminton Racket

Today I am reviewing a reputable badminton racket. The Wilson Strike Badminton Racket which is a very good all-rounder at a great price point. It has a very stiff flex which I recommend to beginners as softer flexion can reduce your accuracy when playing. Of course, it may be preferable to some people but these nuances develop over your playtime. It isn’t the lightest racket at 98g which more experienced people may not prefer due to reduced aerodynamics, however for beginners it’s great to build up muscle memory and to obtain control over their swings and rallies. For a cheap badminton racket, you would expect the isometric head shape which it does have. What this basically does, is allows for a large sweetspot(the area that produces the maximal force against the shuttlecock) which lets you practice your smashes easily and put them into your actual matches.

One detail I wasn’t provided was the string tension as the racket was pre-strung but from what I felt it was sufficient and did a great job. For a beginner deciding over strings is quite pointless, unless you have an array of rackets at your disposal. Another point was it’s construction which wasn’t stated, but from the feel of the racket. I believe it was an industry standard graphite badminton racket. I can vouch, Wilson make some very high quality badminton racket. So durability isn’t to be questioned for this seemingly cheap badminton racket! Another small detail but can be important it come with a nice PU leather grip which is very comfortable on a standard badminton racket. The balancing which is where most the mass is concentrated is handle heavy which is my personal favourite. It allows me to gain more control via wrist movements which I believe is imperative for good performance.

When I was actually playing on the court, this racket performed really well. I had great control over my offensive and defensive play and it was a very comfortable racket over extended periods of time. For such a cheap badminton racket it’s performance was excellent. For a beginner, I cannot fault this racket. It’s a great foundation for the developing player and allows you to feel the specific nuances you require in a racket. It even comes with a headcover! You can see the latest price here!

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Price
  • Aesthetics


Best for Beginners 

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