Yonex Arcsaber Arc-Lite Badminton Racket Review

It’s been a small hiatus from my reviews as I’ve been quite busy with my personal life! But nonetheless I have returned just before the sprig of April appears. I tend to see a rise in badminton activity at this time due to the warmer weather and generally people start taking off more time around April due to Easter holidays! Perfect time badminton (as if all time isn’t perfect for badminton!). I’m not here to catch you with some early April fools, rather I am here to find you a cheap yet high quality badminton racket which will aid your progression in the world of badminton!

Today I shall be reviewing the Yonex Arcsaber Arc-lite Badminton Racket
which comes from the highly reputable badminton racket company of Yonex. Just a side note, I can always recommend Yonex, they are seen as the elite rackets but any level of play can use these rackets as they are highly versatile and provide amazing performance for their price. Just to get a quick run down of this promising racket:

It has medium flex which is generally the middle-ground which I like to use (sometimes higher flex). This will allow for greater durability and allow the elastic movement within the frame which provides stronger smash hits! The frame as mention is made of graphite with an elusive NANOAIR SPRING technology which allows the frame to flex whilst not reducing the life of the racket. The shaft is also made of high-modulus graphite which provides greater performance and longevity to this quality racket.

The head shape is isometric, now this isn’t a concern to most people but to explain the jargon. An isometric head shape provides a larger circle in the middle for the shuttlecock to rebound on with maximum tension on the strings. This in turn creates a more powerful shot, so using an isometric head shape increases the “sweet spot” of the racket so it’s a very optimal head shape for a quality badminton racket.

This light badminton racket clocks into the 4U weight band which is a extremely light racket at 80-84.9g when unstrung. This is great as it allows a highly aerodynamic racket whilst not impeding any of your footwork or movement when playing. The grip size is G4 which is a little bit bigger than I’m used to but it did not dampen my experience. The PU leather was moisture wicking and did not slip in my hand even after hours of play.

Now regarding this racket during play, I found it to be an impeccable racket. It feels very light but still in total control when I use it. The racket moves very fluidly when going for either attacks or defensive movements which was great as I was looking for a general all-rounder to use in training. The smash power produced by this racket is immense and accurate to not give your opponent any time to react! Overall, this racket is a great neutral racket and I would fully recommend to any beginner or even intermediate in badminton!

You can see the latest pricehere!

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Speed
  • Aerodynamics
  • Versatility



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