Yonex Duora 33 Badminton Racket Review

As with all aspects of life, there is always room for improvement whether it be health, money or in our case our badminton skills. The proficiency within Badminton is multi-faceted, it can be down to muscle memory, footwork, reactions. But one thing behind all of these, is a a tool known as the badminton racket. You can understand the point I’m trying to get here, without a quality badminton racket it will be a detriment to all other factors for you to give your best and most optimum performance. However, the best badminton racket is not always the most expensive badminton racket. Fancy gimmicks and aesthetics give no tactical advantage on the court, as you progress personally you can get a feel for what kind of racket you desire.

Today I shall be reviewing the Yonex Duora 33 Badminton Racket which is made by the highly reputable Yonex as most badminton players know. We can get a quick rundown about the highlights of this racket:

The head shape is a very versatile isometric shape which provides a great sweet spot and a large balanced head which allows easy and aerodynamic movement. The frame itself is made of a high modulus graphite with the Yonex nanometric beta technology for an intense and durable badminton racket.

This racket unstrung comes at a feather weight of 83 grams which is a high-tier lightweight badminton racket which is within the 4U bracket of badminton rackets. It also comes supplied strung with a high quality BG3 string which provides solid tension and great durability during play.

The balancing of this racket is even throughout which is a great all-rounder for all levels of play. Personally I prefer a handle heavy badminton racket to provide stronger control over the racket via wrist movement. But balancing normally isn’t a issue for most people, it’s rather a nuance people may prefer. The shaft again is made using a high modulus graphite which provides immense durability which is important in a quality badminton racket.

This racket is a high flexibility racket, which does provide better flexibility and aerodynamics but can make it harder for control the racket is sharp movements but does provide stronger smashes in offensive play so it is a double edged sword. Personally I do like a mild amount of flex as the control loss isn’t so detrimental on medium flex. Plus the Racket is a general length of 27.4″ which is pretty standard which doesn’t adversely change any performance for the majority.

During play, this badminton racket has excellent performance especially with it’s Yonex PU grip which is very comfortable and sturdy. I could easily defend against aggressive plays whilst returning smashes and doing long extended rallies. The badminton racket moves very smoothly which is supported by it’s isometric frame and the slight flex allows for a strong moment of force against the shuttlecock. I would recommend this racket to a slightly more intermediate player who prefers flex with an even balancing but this isn’t prevent a beginner from picking up this racket at all. You can check the latest price Here!

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