YONEX Mavis 300 Badminton Shuttlecocks Review

The name the everyone loves when it comes to badminton. Yonex. Everyone knows Yonex as the top dog when it comes to badminton equipment. They make the whole range from rackets to shoes. But of course you need everything, including the shuttlecocks. Some people claim that any random shuttlecock is perfect for badminton. But cheaper shuttlecocks have increased imperfections. Some have weak netting structure or abnormal weight distribution with in the head. The more you invest the higher quality you are bound to receive. Yonex provide high quality products all year round if you’re playing outside or inside. Single or double. They provide great products such as these badminton shuttlecocks.

badminton shuttlecocks

The latest addition to my shuttlecock club are these amazing YONEX Mavis 300 Badminton Shuttlecocks¬†. They have a nice and simplistic look to them like every badminton shuttlecock should. It comes in a strong and durable thick cardboard tube for easy storage. They have strong nylon skirting material with really close netting to provide greater aerodynamics to the shuttlecock meanwhile increasing the durability and the longevity of the shuttlecocks. They have a medium speed which are great for all players. Casual or professional. Medium speed is my favourite type of badminton shuttlecock to use as well. As it allows for easy rallies and easy returns when playing. They have a nice natural cork base which is balanced to prevent odd aerodynamics occuring like you may get with cheaper badminton shuttlecocks. But I also made a guide for good quality cheap badminton shuttlecocks. The cork base has a nice resistance against any badminton racket and has a long life compared to other type of badminton shuttlecock bases. These specially made shuttlecocks simulate the return of a feather shuttlecock which many people may appreciate. feather shuttlecocks are really good but are typically hard to find a good one! These eliminate the use of using feather shuttlecocks as they emulate the performance amazingly! They also have very consistent peak and drop’s when in play also have very accurate trajectories so you really feel like in control when using these!

When I was playing with these I expected no less from Yonex. These are the bee’s knees of the shuttlecocks. They have a really nice feel against the racket and allow smooth returns when playing. They have a really nice drop range when hit and like they say. Do have a really accurate trajectory. I could point out where the shuttlecock would land due to the accuracy from these Yonex badminton shuttlecocks. They allow for easy returns when I was playing which the nice and mellow medium speed which is great for all aspiring badminton players. I can’t think of too many drawbacks of this amazing product. The price label may be high but an ¬†investment is always worth it when you know what you’re getting. If you really want to kick start you badminton experience I’d really recommend that you try out these Yonex badminton shuttlecocks. Their quality do not fail in anyway! You can check out the latest price here! YONEX Mavis 300 Badminton Shuttlecocks¬†.

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