Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton Racket Review

Some times having brand loyalty when buying a badminton racket will pay off. Yonex are known to probably ┬ábe some of the world’s best badminton racket manufacturers. It’s just a known fact. If you have the money to spend on these quality badminton rackets, you really should! Some people strive for the highest quality badminton racket and some people the reverse. So it’s in my best interest to find great badminton rackets and also find cheap badminton rackets simultaneously! You shouldn’t let a brand name scare you away. An expensive badminton racket is more likely to be of a higher build quality and will probably last longer than 2 cheaper badminton rackets! So as long as you have a durable badminton ┬áracket, you should have no problems!

Badminton racket

The next racket that I trialled was the highly proclaimed Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton Racket. Immediately the great aesthetics of the racket stood out to me. It has a nice sky theme which is neat to have but of course won’t change the quality of the racket in anyway! The shaft has a flexible flex which is preferred by a lot of casual and professional badminton players! Flexible badminton rackets are also normally lighter. This one comes in at a lightweight 85g frame weight! That’s an amazingly light badminton racket. Expected of Yonex! It has a head light balance so your movements are much more sensitive providing you with much accuracy and control when attacking! The Isometric head shape allows for a wide sweet spot on the badminton racket. This can greatly increase your power while playing! It comes pre strung with high quality BG3 strings around a durable graphite frame for durability and light weight qualities! The shaft is made from a top of the line nanomesh structure. this allows for an immensely strong badminton racket but allows it to be featherweight at the same time. This may increase the price tag but greatly increases the longevity of the racket itself. The grip provided is Made of PU material with a standard G4 grip size to comfortably allow your hand to grip the badminton racket with easy.

This is a comfortable badminton racket, I’ll say that. It allows for such easy play. The grip feels light and doesn’t cause strain on the wrist overtime. The nice length allows you to really reach out and hit the most impossibly far shuttlecocks! The weight also allows footwork to be easily executed and prevents you feeling sluggish in the middle of a heated rally! The tension of the strings is just right for me. Has a nice amount of resistance on the shuttlecock when being hit but doesn’t feel like it’s going to rip into shreds any time soon. The construction will last many years when correctly care is take like with most yonex badminton rackets! If you feel like spoiling your self to a premium badminton racket. I’d highly recommend this badminton racket, complete with a 3/4 cover to protect your racket from the elements! You can check out the latest price here! Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton Racket.

  • Weight
  • Aesthetics
  • Grip
  • Durability
  • Balancing


An Amazing Purchase

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