Yonex Nanoray 100 SH Badminton Racket Review

It’s nearing the spring season which is probably the best times to play! Suns out for long, days are warm but not blistering and spirits are live. People always talk about spring cleaning and this isn’t locked down to only houses. It’s also a time to clean yourself up! mentally and physically. Badminton is a great way, and with badminton you do require a quality badminton racket if you’re “cleaning” up per say. I mostly deal with cheaper badminton rackets on my site as they’re very accessible, but this does not mean I don’t delve in more intrinsically complicated and luxury badminton rackets!

Today I will be reviewing the Yonex Nanoray 100 SH Badminton Racket which is the latest edition of the legendary range of Yonex Nanoray badminton rackets. The name Yonex rings a bell as seen as the more elite level of rackets, but this does not mean only professional require them. If you’re a beginner there is no harm in investing in a high quality badminton racket. So lets get into this quick rundown!

This racket has an isometric head shape which is pretty much the industry standard (why reinvent the wheel?). It’s supplied strung with quality BG3 string which allow for a high tensile feel whilst not compromising on durability. An imperative aspect of badminton rackets.

The weight is in the 4U bracket at 83g which is incredibly light allowing for great aerodynamics with the string tension at maximum level of 26lbs. The racket as a whole is 696mm in length which is a relatively longer racket which I do prefer, it’s produced using high modulus graphite which provides intense durability whilst allowing feather weights.

The balancing is head light or as I call it, handle heavy. This is my favourite configuration as it allows for greater control via the wrist which I believe is the most beneficial to me during my extended rallies. It has it’s announced “aero frame” technology which may be placebo but this racket does feel exceptionally fast in play which is expected from a Yonex badminton racket.

The flex is stiff which is a pretty common amongst the medium and high flex rackets. It doesn’t make a huge difference, you would have to be very nit picky to be pedantic when choosing flex. The grip is the standard Yonex PU grip which allows great control when partnered with the handle heavy racket and aerodynamic frame. Frankly, the racket also looks great with it’s black and blue features!

Now during play, this honestly has to be the best racket I have used! I’m not saying that just because it’s Yonex. It sliced through the air like a hot knife through butter. movements are zippy and allow for great defence manoeuvres, whilst allowing for insanely powerful smash attacks using the large sweet spot created by an isometric head. The grip never felt lossy even after multiple matches and the string tension was continuous. I give a fully fledged recommendation for this racket and you can check the latest price Here!

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Balancing
  • Performance



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