Yonex SHB 45EX Mens Badminton Shoes Review

Some people may not see these as important as other equipment for playing badminton but believe me it is! You don’t want to be slipping all over the place do you? Well some dedicated badminton shoes are a really essential investment for any aspiring player! They aren’t just worn to give you a special feeling that you’re playing badminton but they provide suspension and grip. Which can be key when executing footwork.


So a few weeks back I picked up a pair of Yonex SHB 45EX Mens Badminton Shoes for a test run( is that a correct term?) and they’ve treated me well.  They have a nice turquoise and white colour scheme which is appealing to the eye. The upper area consists of PU leather and a polyester mesh for strength and durability. The mid sole is formulated of Power cushion and E.V.A material which provides suspension for the user and great durability from the E.V.A. The key out sole is made of moulded rubber. The rubber is in a hexagonal pattern which provides great grip on any standard badminton playing surface. It also provides some extra suspension on for the shoes.

While playing a match I could really see the craftsmanship that Yonex put into this pair. The grip was amazing! I never felt like or did slip slightly as the Rubber bottom is extremely grippy albeit does make quite a lot of sound but that’s irrelevant. They feel really comfortable no matter what type of footwork you are executing. They prevent damage to the heel with a nice soft interior. Overall it really boosts your performance endurance wise. You will be able to play for longer using these and definitely won’t sustain injury at all. A top quality product.

You can check out the latest price Here! Yonex SHB 45EX Mens Badminton Shoes .

A little note:
Some people are saying you should buy an extra 0.5 in size because for some reason they are selling slightly smaller than what is stated!


  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Suspension
  • Grip


A must buy

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