3 Ridiculously Fun Badminton Drills

Last updated: March 11th, 2022

Fun Badminton Drills

Even though your goal is to be the best badminton player you can be the training does not have to be all same every day. Some of the most fun badminton drills also develop your skills like footwork for example. The main point is that when you just let it go once in a while you are much more able to concentrate on the real training drills. If you are playing in doubles these “fun badminton drills” also helps build team camaraderie.

With these drills, you can add some fun to your training. There is times when training gets too serious.


When training in doubles on a fun way to train is to choose the attacking side and to defend side. After that, the game starts and first-team having 100 points win the game.

Every rally starts with defending team giving a high service to any area of the opponent’s court.

When playing this game the points go:

  • Attacking team
  • Smash Winners and Net Kills 10 Points
  • All other winners                    5 Points
  • Lose attack/ Forced to Lift    Minus 5 Points
  • Defending team
    • All winners  5 Points
    • Force lifts    5 Points

English Doubles

This drill is usually played with two pairs but can also be modified when practising with two-player.

The rules are easy.

Each of the players gets their own quarter of the court (if training with two-player each of them got their own side).  When the game starts everyone got 10-20 points and when the shuttlecock drops the one whose quarter it drops to get a minus point.

You can do many varies of this drill and modify it in a million ways.

Hot Potatoes

In this badminton drill, you need a two-player. The idea is simple.

Each of you has its own side. You have two shuttlecocks. The idea is to keep those shuttlecocks in the air as long as possible without dropping.

It is possible to settle some kind of point system (for example same as in English Doubles).

Think outside the box

There are more opportunities in training than limitations. You can combine different kinds of drills or make fun competitions.

It is important that even though the main thing in these drills is to have fun, you should develop your skills at the same time.

Skills are important but so is tactics. You can come up with fun drills that teach the position for example.

The drills should be chosen or built to train the weaknesses.


Rahul Singhal is a badminton enthusiast who loves nothing more than spending time on the court. He has been playing the sport for over 10 years and has competed in numerous tournaments. When he's not on the court, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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