Badminton Tactics For The Winner

Last updated: August 10th, 2022

It does not matter if you are the greatest server or shooter, or if you have the best footwork in the game if you do not have any tactic!

In both cases (singles and doubles) the options range is highly influenced by your other skills. You should build your game around your strengths and you opponent’s weaknesses.

When you play tactical it means you get maximal returns with minimum physical effort. By applying Badminton tactics it is possible to win much more experienced or skilled player.

Badminton Tactics: Singles

The best tactic in singles is to analyze the opponent and find the weakness. If speed is the weakness, attacking should be aggressive and send him or her all the corners. The main thing is to maintain the situation where opponent is running all the time. In some point he or she will be late. The lack of speed compounds!

But what is the tactic if the opponent is fast?

In this case you should analyze the opponent’s ways to hit the shuttlecock and learn when he or she is going to hit and how. When your analysis is done well you have additional milliseconds to react.

It is good to remember that in badminton tactics the mind plays a big role. When you know where the opponent is going to hit or how he or she is going to react, it will frustrate the opponent!

One of the weaknesses is stamina. And that is easy to notice and advantage from it. Just keep the rally on and wait till the opponent is tired enough to make mistakes.

One good tactic is to keep the opponent in the back court so you have more time to react and plan your moves.

Badminton Tactics: Doubles

The most important thing to know when playing doubles is that are you defending or attacking. By knowing the situation you will be able to customize your tactics.

When attacking it is crucial to be aggressive so the opponents do not have chance to get the upper hand. There is one downside when being aggressive – it is exhausting. But in most cases being aggressive pays the effort. In some point the defending opponents will make the first mistake. Defending team is having a dilemma – either they block the shuttlecock to the net the other will play a net kill. If they lift the shuttlecock the smashing continues.

If your team is the defending one the main thing is to stay in the formation where you stand side by side in the mid-court.

So in a nutshell:

  • If your team is attacking the you should be one in the front court and one in the back court
  • If your team is defending the formation is side by side.

There is always attacker and defender in singles and doubles. In one rally the position might change many times.

Watch the video below to learn the basic badminton tactics.

When your tactics are in shape one thing you should concentrate on is improving your footwork.


Rahul Singhal is a badminton enthusiast who loves nothing more than spending time on the court. He has been playing the sport for over 10 years and has competed in numerous tournaments. When he's not on the court, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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