Best Apacs Badminton Racket in India 2022

Badminton players are very particular about their rackets. A low-quality and uncomfortable racket can hinder your performance. On the other hand, a comfortable and quality racket can enhance performance and make a player better.

When it comes to badminton rackets, Apacs is one of the most popular brands that make high-quality rackets, and the brand is trusted by many professionals. Here is the list of the best Apacs badminton rackets for your consideration.

Best Apacs Badminton Racket in India

1) Apacs Vanguard 11

Apacs Graphite Vanguard 11 Unstrung Badminton Racquet, Red

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The slim aero box frame of this Apacs badminton racket will make sure there will be great hitting. It is perfect for a beginner and has graphite construction. Additionally, this features a whip slim muscle type frame and the shaft diameter is 7 mm. The product also has a lightweight construction and it comes with a 76 grommet system.

Moreover, it is ideal for continuous smashing due to its well-balanced design. The medium flex racket can be perfect for better shot effects and high repulsion power. Furthermore, it helps to improve your performance and lets you move the racket without any hassle.


  • Lightweight construction enables easy movability
  • Well-balanced design for continuous smashing.
  • Whip slip muscle type frame enhances longevity.


  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate. 

2) Apacs Z-Ziggler

Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite Grey Unstrung Badminton Racquet without Cover

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This Apacs badminton racket has high-quality graphite construction which makes it ideal for a beginner. It comes with an isometric head frame and has cross strings. Moreover, you will also find modulus graphite on both sides of the frame for better perseverance and high repulsion power.

Furthermore, this will provide consistent accuracy due to the enlarged sweet spot. It comes with great specifications and features an extra slim shaft. With this, there will be reduced air resistance. Additionally, the product is great for having better control as it is available in a well-balanced design.


  • The large sweet spot for better hitting.
  • Extra slim shaft reduces air resistance.
  • Modulus graphite on the frame for high repulsion power.


  • It is slightly on the heavier side. 

3) Apacs Z-Ziggler 38 LBS

Apacs Z-Ziggler (38 LBS, Mega Tension) Graphite Unstrung Badminton Racquet with Full Cover (Grey)

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This unstrung badminton racket by Apacs has high tension capacity of 38 lbs. In this, you will find an extra slim shaft for better control and strength. Moreover, the shaft has a blend of perfect craftsmanship and elastic for improving anti-torsion performance. Additionally, it has high-quality carbon fiber technology that prevents frame deformation as well as twisting.

This will provide you with accurate and stable attack points. Furthermore, it comes with an extra powerhead for better frame stability. You will also find a triple-speed platform that helps to provide a strong structure. It is ideal for intermediate players and makes sure there will be precise power transmission.


  • Triple speed platform for a strong structure
  • A high-quality carbon fiber design prevents deformation.
  • Strong construction improves anti-torsion performance,


  • The racket is not very swift to swing around.


Apacs FINAPI 232 Graphite Finapi 232 Badminton Racket (Black)

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Allowing you to use it for professional play, makes sure there will be a superb performance. It features an isometric head shape and comes unstrung. Moreover, the Apacs badminton racket can be great for offensive shorts play due to the medium-stiff flex. It also comes with a wide body head.

Furthermore, this enables you to use it for a long time with high-quality graphite construction. The carbon nanotube system helps to provide great handling and better execution. Additionally, you can have better control and more smashing power. With this, there will be precise drop shots along with great hitting.


  • Durable construction offers value for money.
  • Isometric head shape for the enhanced sweet spot.
  • Carbon nanotube system for better execution.


  • It is slightly on the heavier side.

5) Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite

Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite Grey Unstrung Badminton Racquet

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To provide better perseverance and strength, this one comes with graphite on both sides of the frame. With this Apacs badminton racket, there will be high repulsion power. Additionally, it offers better accuracy due to the enlarged sweet spot. Moreover, this is also very durable with graphite construction.

The product features an isometric head frame and it serves ideal for a beginner. This also has a lightweight construction and features an extra slim shaft. Furthermore, this helps to reduce air resistance with more aerodynamics for strong and intense shots. It can offer more power due to the medium flex design.


  • Lightweight construction for better control.
  • Medium flex design offers better power.
  • Graphite frame design for optimal repulsion power.


  • It does not come with a cover.

6) APACS Dual Power

Apacs Alloy Steel Dual Power Speed Version Unstrung Badminton Racket, Black

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What makes this one better than others is that it comes with dual power technology. The Apacs badminton racket is a blend of speed and power and it has a lightweight construction. Moreover, this can provide maximum tension of 38 lbs and it also features a unique isometric head frame.

This will enable you to use it for a long time with the reinforced structure frame. Additionally, it comes with a 76 grommets system and is ideal for aggressive play. It serves perfect to have better control due to the amazing trick shot. Furthermore, this is great for all-rounder players and makes sure there will be sharp execution.


  • 76 grommets system for professional play.
  • Dual power technology for exceptional performance.
  • Reinforced structure for improving durability.


  • The frame is not very sturdy.

7) Apacs Z-Ziggler Limited

Apacs Z-Ziggler Unstrung Graphite Team Badminton Racquet, Black

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Equipped with an extra slim shaft frame, this will provide you with perfect hitting. The Apacs badminton racket also comes in a lightweight design and it has high-quality graphite construction. Furthermore, you can have a great feel due to the grip of 4.25 inches.

It delivers an exceptional performance with a triple-speed system. Moreover, the product can also provide maximum tension of 38 lbs. The compact frame design of the badminton racket makes it great for fast playing. Additionally, this also helps to reduce air resistance so that you can execute powerful and aggressive shots.


  • 4.25-inch grip for better controls.
  • High-quality graphite construction for long-lasting use.
  • Compact frame design for fast playing.


  • The average rating is slightly low. 

Buying Guide 

Quality: The one that has high-quality construction prevents deformation and bending. This is an ideal factor that determines how long the badminton racket will last. You will have to see if it offers value for money and can last longer.

Finishing: Badminton rackets can come strung and unstrung. With a strung design, you can use it directly for play. However, an unstrung design will give you the option to customize the strings on the frame.

Frame: The badminton racket frame has to be strong and match your playability. It can come in different shapes like isometric head shape. You will have to see if it provides an enhanced sweet spot for better hitting.

Shaft: The stiffness of the shaft is an important consideration while buying a badminton racket. You need to know that a flexible shaft is prone to bending. Whereas a stiff shaft will not.

Grip: Even badminton grips come in different sizes. It is according to the level of the player which determines which grip size to select. You can see if it is perfect for improving your play and letting you make amazing shots.

Construction: Always see if the badminton racket comes in a lightweight design. This is a vital factor as it enables you to move it conveniently. Additionally, you will have to go for the one that helps to reduce air resistance.


There are different types of badminton rackets to choose from. The buying guide is there for your consideration so that you can understand the buying factors and purchase the perfect one. Apacs badminton rackets are worth purchasing as they score on all parameters successfully and hence, we have picked the best ones for you.

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