Best Badminton Shoes In India 2021

If you have ever played Badminton or any other athletic indoor sports, then you would know the importance of shoes. While playing Badminton, you must travel at speed from one end of the court to another without any slip. For this reason and to get a good solid grip, you need a pair of the best Badminton shoes.

Choosing Badminton shoes is a bit different from regular shoes and if you are a beginner, then you might certainly find the task not easy. There are a variety of Badminton shoes available in the market from different brands and in this post, we will list some of the best Badminton shoes with their pros and cons. We have also given a buying guide to make your task a bit easier.

Best Badminton Shoes In India

1) Yonex Legend King 68 Badminton Shoe

Yonex LEGEND KING 68 Badminton Shoes ( Silver/Black, 9 UK )

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Yonex is a major player in the world of Badminton and it is no surprise that their shoes are some of the best in the market. The Legend King 68 is a unisex shoe with a true cushion for maximum shock absorption. You can play without any problems affecting your feet as it is meticulously designed for providing good comfort.

The high resilience of this shoe ensures that this shoe retains its shape for a longer period. Overall, the Yonex legend king is one of the best shoes you can pick to play badminton.


  • It provides good comfort and stability to the foot and toe areas.
  • It comes in different colors.


  • It is a bit pricey.

2) Nivia HY-Court Badminton Shoe

HY-Court 2.0 Badminton Shoe

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This Nivia Badminton shoe has non-marking gum rubber that provides ground traction and stability to the player. The upper mesh present in this shoe articulates air well for proper ventilation. You will not get sweaty much while playing on your feet using this shoe.

The Flexipro technology makes it highly flexible for good responsiveness. With high durability, you can wear this shoe on your Badminton play to get good comfort and grip.


  • It has a good shock absorption technology.
  • It has proper ventilation support for sweat absorption.


  • The shape of this shoe may not fit all.

3) ZEEFOX Men's Badminton Shoes

ZEEFOX Ryder Men's (Non-Marking) PU Badminton Shoes Navy Blue

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Made from Synthetic leather material, the ZEEFOX men’s badminton shoes are highly durable to give you a good grip during your gameplay. The lightweight mesh present in this shoe makes it comfortable for you to wear without any problem and helps to increase ventilation.

This shoe is available in various sizes with a high cushion to absorb the shock while you play. Overall, this shoe from ZEEFFOX is one of the best to wear during your gameplay.


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It absorbs the shock well.


  • The durability of this product may not as good as we would like.

5) Li-Ning Premium Non Marking Badminton Shoes

Li-Ning Premium Non Marking Badminton Shoes, Black/White

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The Li-Ning non-marking rubber shoes are perfect for playing indoor sports. With its upgraded traction mode, you get enhanced grip while playing on the court. The precision shock absorption cushion present in this shoe delivers a smooth ride.

The TPU shoe sole provides a secure and stabilizing channel, which helps to smooth out your footstrike. Overall, the Li-Ning shoes are some of the best in the market for indoor sports.


  • It has a good grip while playing.
  • This shoe has a good shock absorption technology.


  • It is a high priced product.

6) Yonex 777 Badminton Shoes

Yonex Yonex Shoes 777 Non Marking Badminton Shoes, 11 UK (White/Red)

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The Yonex 777 has a cushion present in it to offer extra support on the front heel to improve comfort and performance. With the included carbon sheet, you get a robust reinforcement under and outside the center of the foot for reducing shoe twist.

It also has TPU support, which will give you support and stability while you play. With a good set of features, the Yonex 777 Badminton shoe is one of the best in the market.


  • It is available in multiple colors.
  • It has high durability.


  • It is a bit expensive.

7) Perfly 8554895 Badminton Shoes

Perfly 8554895 Men Badminton Shoes Bs 530, UK 9.5 - EU 44 (Blue)

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The Perfly is another great Badminton shoe brand that will give you good comfort and stability. It has great cushioning for good shock absorption to protect your feet. The breathability of this shoe is also good, so you will have no problem wearing it.

The Eva midsole and foam lining present on the outside of this shoe will give you good stability while playing the game. With a good set of features, this is one of the best Badminton shoes that you can get on the market.


  • It has good stability.
  • It is much comfortable to wear.


  • It is a bit expensive.

8) Nivia HY-Court Kids 2.0 Badminton Shoe

HY-Court Kids 2.0 Badminton Shoe

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The Nivia HY-Court Kids Badminton shoe comes with non-marking rubber which provides good ground traction and stability. The articulate technology present in this shoe will provide proper ventilation and sweat absorption.

The duofoam midsole is a durable and high shock-absorbing material that is present in this shoe. The Flexipro technology present in this sole makes it highly flexible for good responsiveness in the game. Overall, this is one of the better Badminton shoes that you can get for playing.


  • It is highly flexible.
  • It has good shock absorption technology.


  • The durability of this product is not good.

9) Yonex Aerus 3MEX Power Cushion Badminton Shoe

Yonex Men's Aerus 3MEX Power Cushion8 UK (Black)

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This professional shoe from Yonex is one of the lightest ones that you can get for good ventilation and solid fit. With a power cushion, you get good comfort while playing with this shoe. The round sole present in this shoe is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork.

The toe-centric design of this shoe helps to relieve the pressure on your feet while wearing it. With good comfort and design, this is the best Badminton shoe you can get if budget is not your concern.


  • It has a lightweight design.
  • It has a power cushion to provide good comfort.


  • It is highly expensive.

10) GOWIN Staunch Badminton Shoes

GOWIN Staunch Badminton Shoes White Lime from Size 11KIDS Upto UK10 Adults with Charged Back Pack Intruder Blue with Shoe Pocket (White Lime, 8)

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This Staunch Badminton shoe comes with a rubber non-marking Eva molded shoe that gives you good comfort while playing the game. Ideal for all genders, this badminton shoe comes with a highly durable bag, which you can use to carry all your essentials during the game.

With good design and comfort, this shoe is a decent one to wear during your Badminton play.


  • It has a good design.
  • It has an affordable price tag.


  • The durability of this shoe is not good.

Buying Guide for Badminton Shoes

If you are a beginner, then you should consider some factors before buying your first pair of Badminton shoes. These factors that we have listed below will help you get a good pair of Badminton shoes.

Good Cushion

A good cushion technology in your badminton shoe will help absorb the shocks well while you play shots. By absorbing the shocks, the cushion will help prevent any injuries happening to your feet. Yonex shoes have power cushion technology that absorbs the shock well and gives you good comfort while playing your game.

So you must always check for good cushioning and shock absorption technology before buying Badminton shoes.

Sole of the Shoe

If you are just an amateur player playing on an outside or glass field, then a normal rubber Badminton or common shoe is enough. If you plan to join a club and play on the indoor field, then you should definitely get a shoe that has a non-marking sole. The non-marking sole in a shoe helps to prevent skid while you play on an indoor wooden Badminton field.

Upper material

The upper material of the shoe is important to check when buying cause it is the one that provides ultimate comfortability while wearing and playing. PU material in your shoes will give you good comfort and durability than other types. This material is also lightweight so you will not feel any difficulties wearing it for a long time.

So try to get one with PU upper material in your shoe than other materials.


Proper ventilation in your sports shoe is a must to have good breathability. A good mesh material such as Double Russel Mesh provides good air-exchange and helps to keep your feet from forming sweat. It also prevents blisters and other problems. So you should look for a good mesh material on buying your next shoe.

Ergonomic shape

Finally, the shape of the shoe should provide good comfort for your feet. A shoe that provides good stability and comfort will help you better concentrate on your game rather than your posture. You should always try to wear the shoe before buying it out.

It will be difficult to do when you are buying online but trying out the shoe will give you a good idea of shoe fit on your feet.


Many people do not mind much about the shoes they use when they play Badminton or any other sports. But if you are serious about your game and want to improve your gameplay, then you should definitely invest in a good pair of shoes.

The above-listed are some of the best Badminton shoes you can get that are available in the market. We hope this post along with the brief badminton shoe buying guide helps you to pick a great Badminton shoe.

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