Carlton Mens Xelerate Badminton Sports Shoes review

One lesser-known brand by the name of Carlton also makes various pieces of badminton equipment for people to use. It’s not an underdog, no way! But not on the level of Yonex I would say but of course, the price tags are generally lower due to that fact.

You’d probably think that they’re just shoes so it doesn’t matter what brand you choose but with that logic, you might as well wear nothing at all since they’re “just” shoes. It’s crucial to pick the perfect sized shoe that’s comfortable for you and will allow you the express the best performance throughout your match. bringing you the complete victory!

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I decided to pick up these Carlton Men’s Xelerate Badminton Sports Shoes for a test run. from the first look, they aren’t all that aesthetically pleasing but you’re not entering a badminton shoe contest! You’re playing a high octane and competitive sport.

The shoe itself is really lightweight. The upper is made of a synthetic material including a mesh tongue to allow good airflow. Athletes’ foot is never desirable so it also includes an antimicrobial layer to fight off any bacteria. The footbed has great D30 impact protection to create suspensive properties in the shoe and avoid damage to the feet.

due to design it also inhibits anti-glide and anti-torsion qualities which allows for swift footwork and quick direction changes without slipping or turning into a pool of leg spaghetti! The inside is a nice textile material and the sole being a synthetic material, all topped off with an ergonomic shape to ensure a comfortable foot! Sounds really promising, doesn’t it!

While using these my expectations were greatly exceeded. I thought they looked pretty cheap and all these descriptions were just a façade to fool me into buying them but I was being a fool myself. They are really comfortable, like cushions for your feet! They felt tight on my feet but they didn’t chafe anywhere or cause irritation. During the match, I felt quite quick using these and it was easy to execute any footwork. I purposely played a bit heavy-footed to really test the suspensive properties.

I couldn’t really feel any large amount of pressure on my feet which was awesome! Totally lived up to all the properties it described. It’s really easy to pivot on the foot using these shoes and it does allow for swift movements while still staying balanced. Overall it really is an amazing pair of shoes for badminton.

Of course, it’s not going to be the best but for what you pay for it certainly would be. It’s not any magically Yonex shoes but some magical Carlton shoes instead. If they just improved the look slightly and made it slightly longer as my toes started to get slightly squished after a prolonged match. But I definitely would still recommend this pair of shoes for any aspiring badminton player. You can check out the latest price right here! Carlton Mens Xelerate Badminton Sports Shoes.

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