How To Deliver An Effective Badminton Smash ?

Last updated: March 11th, 2022

Nowadays there are a lot of people come to play Badminton either as a physical work or they love playing Badminton. What actually happens is, some of them especially considering Badminton as a physical activity to improve their health and fitness started playing this sport directly without knowing the basic things regarding Badminton and will end up in joint pain and muscle damage causes to stop their play.

They are considering Badminton as a smashing game rather than a racket game, they need powerful smashes always, yes it is needed, I would say. But actually, if you do not know what are the basics to deliver an effective smash and trying to get it achieved by changing the rackets and string, you would definitely fail.

But that does not mean rackets and strings are not doing any specific roles in Badminton smash, but the utmost part is you should know the basics.

Here we are not going to teach you how to smash Badminton. We would like to get rid of the wrong things which you are doing while hitting a badminton smash. And terminating those will make you deliver an effective and powerful Badminton smash.

You Are Doing Wrong For An Effective Badminton Smash

  • You are holding the badminton racket grip wrongly.
  • You are giving too much pressure while holding the badminton racket.
  • You are not using your wrist while hitting a badminton smash.
  • You do not reach at the back of the shuttlecock before hitting.
  • You are not practising for at least about 5 mins before start playing.
  • You do not know what Sweet Spot is.

Eliminate and discover the above-mentioned things, I can help you regarding that by detailing those.

You are holding the badminton racket grip wrongly.

First things first, you need to be technically OK before hitting a smash. If you are holding your badminton racket grip wrongly, it would end up in either a weak or undirected badminton smash. It would be better if I detail it via an image. You can see it below.

You can see that there will be a small lock formed with your thumb and pointer finger. It would definitely make you to deliver the smash where you want. For defensive play this is not the grip, it is slightly different, I would detail it in another post.

Watch the video below, you will understand it more clearly.

You are giving too much pressure while holding the badminton racket.

Why you are tightening your grip and thereby the badminton racket before hitting a smash, you are totally wrong. Just be relaxed and hold the racket in an easy manner like what we have mentioned above. Delivering too much pressure on the badminton racket will end up in shoulder pain which causes damage in muscles. Be relaxed and stay loose before hitting the smash.

You are not using your wrist while hitting a badminton smash.

You can play magics with your wrist while playing badminton. I would prefer the name “Wristinton” rather than “Badminton”, as you may know, Badminton got its name after a place “Badminton House” where all believed that the game was first played. Most of all the beginners except those who are getting coached are not using their wrist for Badminton play especially while doing smashing techniques. They are all putting so much pressure on their shoulder muscles to get a powerful smash.

Stand in a Badminton court and start hitting the shuttle only with the wrist power, no other external power like from your leg or jump should be used. You can realize the truth. And then practice by doing the same. Start doing some wrist exercises to make your wrist powerful. I have shown some of those in the picture given below.

You do not reach at the back of the shuttlecock before hitting.

When you watch Badminton singles match, you might be noticed the “Back Box To Back Box” shots, Do you ever think why is that ?. It will be hard to hit a smash if the player did not reach the back of the shuttlecock. In singles, it is an effective strategy since players with quick movements and reflexes are able to do that. But In doubles usually, players can reach their position quicker than singles.

While practising ask the opponent to hit the shuttle at the backbox and check whether you are able to reach the back of the shuttlecock and hit a smash. If not, you need to be faster.

You are not practising for at least about 5 mins before start playing.

What type of guy you are ?. Will you practice a bit before start playing Badminton or start playing directly when you reach the court. I would say you should practice at least 5-10mins minimum before the play. Since we have many tactics in our mind regarding what type of game we will play and all.

But when the game started, we will forget all those and do all the same mistakes which we did earlier. How to overcome this. Practice, Practice and Practice !! You will be free from the pressure of a real game while practising and you can test all the shots which are in your mind and also experiment with what you have learned.

You do not know what Sweet Spot is.

Actually, there is a term “Sweet Spot” in badminton mainly associated with the racket and also in many other sports, especially in racket sport. Some of you might heard that. Sweet Spot is the area at the racket string bed that delivers the maximum power while hitting.

So if you can hit the shuttlecock with the exact Sweet Spot of your Badminton racket, the maximum power will be delivered. Sweet Spot varies with the rackets, some of the rackets have lesser area and some have larger ones. You can see a picture of the Sweet Spot below.

Rackets, Strings, Shoes etc are additional factors to deliver an effective badminton smash. Initially, you have learned the basics and get rid of the wrong things you are doing while playing. Once you have achieved it, we have provided the best in the badminton business, rackets, strings, shoes etc.


Rahul Singhal is a badminton enthusiast who loves nothing more than spending time on the court. He has been playing the sport for over 10 years and has competed in numerous tournaments. When he's not on the court, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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