Tips To Master The Badminton Serve

Last updated: March 11th, 2022

Basically, there are 4 types of badminton serves. You want to master them all so you do not give easy points to your opponent.

The whole rally starts from the service and serving well gives the player the upper hand right from the beginning. This is the reason why this is essential.

It is crucial to know when to use which kind of a serve.

In the end, there is a picture where you can see how the shuttlecock flies in each serve.

Low Serve

This badminton serves you want to use when you want the opponent to lift the shuttlecock. It is recommended when the opponent’s attack is strong. This serve is commonly used in doubles. Low serve can be served both forehand and backhand.


  1. Relax your body and bend your knees
  2. Stand a couple of feet behind the short service line
  3. Place your racket leg behind
  4. Keep the racket on to your waist level and hold the shuttlecock by the feathers close to the racket (do not drop it in front)
  5. Push the shuttle bit higher but below your waistline
  6. Aim to the tape of the net and make the shuttle skim from it

TIP: Mix the way you serve and catch your opponent off guard.


  1. Stand relaxed with your racket hand in front
  2. Lead with your racket leg
  3. The backswing should be short
  4. The shuttle should be held in the waistline
  5. Aim to the tape of the net and make the shuttle skim from it

TIP: Shorten the grip to have better control of the racket

High Serve

This badminton serve is used when you want to open an opponent’s court. This is a great service in singles but has to be used carefully in doubles.

  1. Stand a relaxed a couple of feet behind the service line and bend your knees
  2. Lead with your non-racket leg
  3. Put your racket near your shoulder level
  4. Hold the shuttle by its feathers and let it drop slightly in front of you
  5. Hit the shuttle with the racket’s face.

Flick Serve

It is all about the wrist motion and executing this service without the opponent anticipating it.

This badminton serve starts the same way as low serve but then the wrist movement comes in and hopefully surprises the opponent.

Drive Serve

The main point with this badminton serve is to attack. The result may be a bad return from the opponent which gives you a great opportunity or it could lead straight to gaining a point.

This is quite the same as high serve, but instead of aiming up the player makes the shuttle go horizontally.

All these are great ways to serve but the main thing is to use different ways and keep the opponent guessing what you are about to do next.


Rahul Singhal is a badminton enthusiast who loves nothing more than spending time on the court. He has been playing the sport for over 10 years and has competed in numerous tournaments. When he's not on the court, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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