Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racket Review

The Yonex GR 303 is one of the better badminton racquets for beginners available in the market. For beginners, it may be tough to choose a good racquet as there are various parameters to consider. But Yonex brand has consistently delivered some high-quality racquets, which beginners can choose without any worries and the GR 303 model is one of them.

But before you set out to buy this model, you need to know the features, pros, and cons of using it, so you can decide whether it is the right model for your style.

Yonex GR 303

YONEX GR 303 Strung Aluminum Badminton Racquet with Half Cover (Blue )

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  • Made for – Beginners and Intermediate players
  • Material Type – Aluminum
  • Shaft Flexibility – Stiff
  • Balance – Neutral
  • Wight – 100 grams
  • Grip Size – G3

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Properties and Features

Aluminum Material Type

Like most of the other budget racquet models, the GR 303 has an aluminium build, which makes it easily affordable for beginners. Though Aluminum does not give durability like thee carbon-fibre or graphite material, this one has decent durability to survive for a long time. If you are a beginner, then you will not find problems with this material. The aluminium material also makes it good for swift swinging and playing accurate shots. You get good manoeuvrability playing with this racquet, so you will easily get the best Badminton playing experience with this model.

Enhanced Low torsion steel

The aluminium material present in this model features enhanced low torsion steel that will give you great flexibility and control while playing Badminton shots. If you are a beginner or intermediate player, then you will love playing Badminton with this feature.

Good Grip Size

With G3 grip size, this model follows the same form that is present with other great Badminton racquet models from Yonex.  This size of the grip will give you good comfort and reliability while playing shots on it. You will perform well using this racquet even if you are a beginner.

Stiff Shaft Flexibility and a decent String Tension

You will not normally see a stiff shaft with other budget Badminton model, but this model from Yonex has it. The stiff shaft makes the model deliver much power for playing aggressive shots. If you are keen on playing power-hitting shots, then this model will likely deliver it for you. The string tension with this model is decent coming at 18 pounds, which you can adjust to 20lb. This tension also helps with delivering good shots.

Included Headcover

Though it is not a feature, it is nice to see that Yonex has included a free headcover with this budget model. The cover helps to prevent the racquet from wear and tear when not in use, to improve longevity.

Pros with using GR 303 model

  • It comes at an affordable price with good quality materials, which makes it an easy pick for beginners and intermediate players.
  • The low torsion steel shaft of this model makes it easy for you to swing in every direction.
  • It has a good grip size which will provide you with great comfort during your gameplay.
  • It has a stiff shaft design to give you power when hitting shots.

Cons with using GR 303 model

  • The weight is the biggest disadvantage of using the GR 303 model of the Badminton racquet. Weighing at 100 grams, it is a heavyweight racquet. You might find it difficult to use it for a long time, especially if you have low muscle strength.
  • As we said, it is made for beginners and intermediate Badminton players. You will not find the features and properties found in the premium Badminton models with this one. If you are a professional player or have a high budget to spend, then you might do better by buying higher-priced professional models.


The Yonex GR 303 is one of the best Badminton Racquets out there in the market. If you are new to the world of Badminton, then you should not worry about the properties of the racquet and this model will be perfect for you as it does everything well for beginner and intermediate players alike.

If you could just be used to the weight of this racquet, then this model will offer you much value in playing Badminton. We hope this post helps you in your purchase decision of the Yonex GR 303 Badminton model.

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