Yonex Isometric Lite 3 Badminton Racket Review

There are always new badminton rackets on the market, so you may wonder, “what differentiates these new badminton rackets from the cheap rackets?”. Well if you consider any sport or profession. There is always progression in whatever form, a new material; a new shape, or even a new grip.

The definition of a good badminton racket can be very subjective to each individual person. That is pretty much the reason why I exist! Sounds sad but hey, I get to do what I love! This racket I’m reviewing is a newer generation racket and provided by a prolific manufacturer Yonex.

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The new addition to my Yonex badminton racket collection is the elusive  Yonex Isometric Lite 3 Graphite Badminton Racket. This is also called the Isolite 3 and is one of the latest Yonex rackets on the market. Coming in a sleek cyan colorway, this racket provides a professional edge for badminton players.

With a featherweight of only 89g, it’s an immensely powerful product for its mass. As the name states the head shape is isometric which provides an even sweet spot when playing powerful shots. As expected with most modern badminton rackets, it consists of a graphite frame to provide great durability whilst minimizing weight.

This racket is balanced evenly which isn’t my ideal as I prefer a head-heavy racket, however, this is entirely subjective to each person! So it is in no way a negative. The flex is stated as medium but I must admit it felt quite stiff in comparison to other medium flex rackets.

I would take that point into account if you are thinking of purchasing this racket. One of my favorite points is the 3U / G4 grip which is impeccable for my hand size but of course, this is subjective but personally, this was a very comfortable badminton racket! The stringing is typical of most rackets, a multifilament string with the max tension sitting at 10.5kg which is quite durable indeed.

Now when I played with this racket it was quite impressive. That day I was mainly playing doubles and it performed well. It fit very well into the palm and my hand, the grip was sturdy and didn’t slip in sweat which is a common problem with rackets I use.

I felt in good control of the racket, I obviously do prefer slightly different weighting but I can appreciate a good badminton racket nonetheless! The length of the racket was very helpful in defensive play for the few single matches I played, I recently had an ankle injury but this racket length provided a nice leeway to reduce the distance I needed to move.

Overall, this racket gets a recommendation from me as a well-performing and very durable racket. I would definitely recommend to beginners who have not got the mobility or footwork to allow extensive maneuvers whilst playing. It fits very well in the average-sized hand but performs exceptionally! You can see the latest price here. Yonex Isometric Lite 3 Graphite Badminton Racket.

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